Research before you go on a photo shoot

fishing in the rain.jpg

If you have been reading my blog posts about things to do before you head out for a photo shoot, you have probably read about my tips on researching your subject. 

I also always tell people that are on my workshops that it would serve them well to do some image searches on whatever subject we will be photographing before we get on site. 

It helps them be better prepared with some images they see that they may want to take, and also get a better idea of what they don't like. 

On my current trip here to China I took my own advice and did that same research for myself. I came up with a unique looking image that I wanted to try and capture, with my own spin on it. 

In the photo here you see what looks like a Cormorant Fisherman in the rain... but, its not raining. Its actually water droplets coming off the water when the fisherman would smack his paddle into the water. The droplets are actually going up out of the water from behind the boat, and falling in front of him.

I must thank the original photographer for the inspiration. My good friend, Ed Cooley had taken the photo that inspired me to give my own twist to the rain drop image... 

Here is Ed's original photo... 

0441HD copy.jpg