Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

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I hear this question on my workshops all the time... "How do I become a better photographer?"

One of my suggestions is... Enroll in some online photography tutorials. is a good resource... youtube tutorials is a good resource... Or you can do as you are right now and invest in a travel photography workshops like the one you are on", then, when you are home, go out and repeat what you have learned on the workshop and practice on a regular basis.

This is how you get better – not because you have the latest gear or use popular snapchat filters.

Even though I’ve been earning money with my photography for the last 6 years, there’s always something new to learn... some new photography technique to try, or new Lightroom techniques to master. Personally, I regularly read books about photography to improve my craft, I watch youtube tutorials, and I try new things in my spare time. You should too.

If you think you are a proficient landscape photographer, then go out and challenge yourself shooting portraits of strangers. Or head out into the landscapes and track animals like a hunter for a taste of how difficult wildlife photography really is. Or, read my last post on celestial events here, and then stay up late experimenting with long-exposures of the Milky Way or a meteor shower.

You’ll become a more skilled and resourceful photographer when you take the time to learn new techniques and skills from other genres of photography.

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