Hard Sided Camera Case Options for Safe Gear Travel

Today I wanted to list out three of the hard sided Camera gear storage options I know other photographer friends of mine currently use... I am sure there are more options out there, and i encourage you to list them below in the comments if you know of any...

I hope it helps in your search for hard sided Camera Cases... 

Option One - Loewpro

Loewpro has four options or varying gear requirements... 

After looking at them, for the average photographer that travels on one of my workshops, they would be looking at the Hardside 400 Photo. You can read about that carrying case and see some photos here. 

It retails for $320 on their website and they claim to handle a DSLR and 6 to 8 lenses with some accessories

Here is a link to that case. http://store.lowepro.com/ca/hardside-400-photo-ca

Option Two - Nanuck

Nanuck has quite a few options to choose from depending on your specific needs. 

After looking at all their cases, I came across the Nanuck 933. Here is a link to the hard cases on their website. https://www.hardcases.ca/collections/nanuk-hard-cases

I did read on their website that they have different foam options. While they cater to more than photographers, they seem to have decent options for photographers. You can choose foam in one of three ways... Padded dividers, custom foam inserts and foam cubes. 

Some research would have to be done on what best suits your needs, but for $250CDN, its not a bad option. 

Option Three - Pelican Cases

Pelican has an abundance of options for any photographer. From the small carrying case, knapsacks, to airport roller bags, to the larger cases to carry all your accessories. 

After looking at all their cases, and foam configurations, I settled on one case. When you look, you will find that they offer camera cases, and what they call, Trek Pak camera cases... I chose the Pelican 1604WD Camera Case. It appeared to provide sufficient secure storage for a camera body, lens, and other equipment.

Here is a link to the Pelican case, http://www.pelican.com/us/en/pro/product/watertight-protector-hard-cases/large-case/camera-case/1604/

B&H sells this case for $300USD, so its right in line with the others I found.

Thoughts on foam inserts.

I wasn't totally satisfied with the standard foam options that I saw online while I was looking through the websites. But both Nanuck and Pelican offer customization for the foam protection. Personally, I would be buying a hard sided case for maximum protection in harsh environments like when i check my camera gear, or are in very rugged and remote areas. I would want more foam padding. 

I would talk to the companies and retailers about the custom foam options for you and your gear. I would rather invest more upfront that the insurance claims later. 

Happy Shooting, 

Kev - www.kevinpepperphotography.com