Should you place a person or animal into your landscape photos?

A landscape isn’t just always about nature. It is your interpretation of a scene that you are there to photograph. So why not include people or animals?

A beautiful landscape can be complemented by a person running or jumping through the flowers… and it can also scale a scene to tell the person looking at your photo more of the true story that you are looking at.

But, while placing that person into the photo, remember the rule of thirds and place the person in an off-center position to create interest. The person may not be the point of interest, the landscape will be…

The creativity is in your mind… you can choose a fast shutter speed if you want to freeze the action or a slower shutter speed if you want to capture movement and create some motion.

Regardless of whatever story you want to tell, never be afraid to place a person or animal into your landscape image.

This is one of the topics I always discuss on my workshops. Please visit our Canadian Workshop page to see the stunning landscapes we are visiting in 2016 and 2017.