Yukon Photography Workshops

This page highlights what the Yukon Territory has to offer you on your next photography vacation. I also list out all the photography workshops that are offered in the Yukon for wildlife, fall colours and the aurora. 


Yukon is home to Canada’s highest peak, the world’s largest non-polar ice fields, several Canadian Heritage Rivers and healthy, abundant wildlife. From the crimson carpet of the tundra in autumn, to the majestic mountain peaks and arguably the best northern lights viewing in Canada, the vast pristine wilderness of the Yukon beckons you.

Yukon’s jaw-dropping natural features are what set this place apart. This is a land rich with dramatic mountain vistas, wild rivers and crystal clear lakes. Close to 80 per cent remains pristine wilderness.

My Experience in the Yukon

This is an area of remote Canada you do not want to be guided from an inexperienced person. I have been leading workshops in the Yukon since 2013. It is one of the areas of Canada that I am passionate about. I am a fully registered guide with the Territory of Yukon. That means you should have peace of mind as I have experience you should expect from a guide in this area of Canada's northern territories. Your safety, and getting you bucket-list photos are my top two priorities. 

Why You should travel with Kevin Pepper Photography and my partners.

I have been running these workshops for many years. I know where we need to be, and at what time of day we need to be there to maximize the light and get you the shots that you expect from these locations.

I am also a registered guide in the Yukon (License #0292). My trips itineraries are sent in for proper Government approvals prior to our trip, and i will make sure we have secured all necessary permits and commercial photography rights needed so that you can have peace of mind that you can legally take the photos you take, and you have full rights to do whatever it is you want with the photos you take once you get home. :-) 

I also will make sure you are prepared with the right equipment before you leave home. My pre workshop briefings will ensure that you have packed the right clothes, you've got the gear you need and you know where we are going to be photographing during each day of your photography vacation with me. 

All the logistics will be handled, all you have to do is show up, shoot and have fun on vacation. 


What are people saying about my workshops in the Yukon?

"He knows where to take us to get the most from the location."

"I have travelled twice with Kevin now and have another trip lined up for next year.  Kevin's depth of knowledge about the locations he travels to and his professional approach means that whatever the weather delivers, he knows where to take us to get the most from the location and ensure that everyone on the trip comes away with shots they are happy with.  On top of that I consider Kevin to be a friend, and what is better than travelling to amazing locations with friends?"

-Clare T, - Yukon 2016 and Newfoundland 2017

"There's no way to really repay you for what you taught us."

"I'm hoping to meet again. I owe you a breakfast! There's no way to really repay you for what you taught us. If I thanked you a million times, it still wouldn't cut it. The best I can do is pass along that knowledge to my photographer friends who will be extremely jealous after I show them the pictures! It wasn't just about the pictures and you made us all feel like we were your friend. It was pretty special.

-Nick D, 2017

“A Big Thank You.”

Big THANK YOU to Kevin Pepper, for all his guidance, planning, driving us all over, digging me out of a snow bank and for everything else he managed to do while we were in his care in the Yukon! No one knows the Yukon and where best to go for great photography than Kevin.

— Chris G, 2017

“Best Trip Ever!”

Kevin, this was the best trip ever, I had a blast!!! You are awesome at your job!!!! Wish I had your job. Seriously Kevin, the trip last month was more than I could have wished for. You were so accommodating with the itinerary all based on weather! Saw tons of wildlife and had a amazing time with all of you! New friends and a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much!

— Anita K, 2017

“New Friendships Created.”

We registered without knowing anything about Kevin, but the trip sounded so wonderful. Now we are glad we did. Lots of shooting time, some good quality one on one editing time and new friendships created.

—Allison B, 2016

“Thank You so much for all you do!”

Lots of great memories of a beautiful place, wonderful new friends made, and cards full of images. Plenty of variety: grand landscapes, auroras, and of course the dogs and horses and wildlife! Shooting the pro mushers with their teams was one of the coolest things I’ve ever shot :). Once again, Marc & Andy & Kevin went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a great experience. You guys have hearts of gold. Thank you so much for all you do.

— Chellie H, 2016

Yukon Landscapes

At least twenty mountains in the St. Elias Range in southwest Yukon exceed 4,000 metres, and more than a handful exceed 5,000 metres. Towering over them all and surrounded by vast ice fields is Mount Logan, Canada's highest peak at 5,959 m. And in this area lies Kluane National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The southern part of the Yukon is covered by vast coniferous boreal forest, rugged mountains, and a network of rivers and lakes. In the North, rolling arctic tundra stretches to the Arctic Ocean. Yukon’s north coastline includes beaches, cliffs, sea ice, lagoons and coastal plains.

The jewel of the north, Tombstone Territorial Park, is Canada's very own "Patagonia of the north" and what I like to refer to as, "A little slice of heaven on earth". The landscapes here are one of a kind, and admired by photographers from all over the globe. 

Yukon Aurora

Arguably the best place to photograph the aurora in Canada, the Yukon offers the photographer, not only fantastic aurora opportunities because of its northern latitude, but also the great foregrounds to frame the amazing aurora opportunities.

Let's face it, you can take a great aurora image as long as they dance in the sky, its the foreground interest that takes a good photograph to great. You can choose from reflection images at one of the remote lakes, to mountain landscapes  and dense, remote forests and rolling tundra as your foregrounds. . 

Yukon Watersheds

Yukon has over 70 canoeable wilderness rivers including four Canadian Heritage Rivers. Countless scenic lakes dot the landscape making the Yukon a significant reservoir of fresh water. Almost two-thirds of the territory is drained by the mighty Yukon River, Canada's second longest river.

The Big Salmon, Teslin, and storied Yukon River combine scenery, wildlife viewing, history, fishing and friendly rapids. Exhilarating rivers like the Alsek, Tatshenshini and Firth beckon for rafting. The Snake, Bonnet Plume and Wind rivers flow through one of the most remote regions of North America.

Glacial-fed Tagish, Marsh, Teslin, Bennett and Atlin lakes form the Southern Lakes. Camping and fishing abound along inviting roadside lakes like Kathleen, Fox, Five Mile, Frances, Frenchman and Chapman.

Yukon Wildlife

Yukon’s vast wild regions, varied ecosystems, and relatively sparse human population make the Yukon a haven for some of North America’s most rare and impressive species.

Yukon is home to abundant northern species like caribou, wolves and grizzly bears and millions of migratory birds. Lynx, coyotes, foxes and scores of small mammals thrive in its forests. The possibility for wildlife exists around every bend. Keep your eyes open and your cameras ready to make the most Yukon’s wildlife viewing opportunities.


Here are some images from the locations I can take you to in the Yukon


My Yukon Photography Workshops

I focus on the areas that I have extensive experience at in the Yukon. My trips are all centered around Whitehorse, Kluane National Park, Dawson City and Tombstone Territorial Park, "The Patagonia of Canada".

During my landscape workshops you will be photographing the mountain landscapes, unique fall colours like you have ever seen before, the many rivers and lakes in the remote ares of the Yukon, and the northern lights.

Northern lights are a component of my workshops in the Yukon between late August to end end of March. 


Yukon Winter Wonderland

February 9, 2019 to February 17, 2019

Calling all photographers who have always wanted to photograph the northern lights! The Yukon is one of the best locations in the world to capture the Aurora. It is here you will close your eyes and breathe in crisp Yukon air, smell spruce sap and the earthy scent of tundra, and listen for the excited howls of husky sled dogs. But the real magic happens when you open your eyes and drink in Yukon landscapes under dancing aurora borealis.

Now after five years of running workshops in Northern Canada, we are able take a small group of photographers to focus on the wildlife as well. Our target species are Canada lynx, red fox, silver fox, Arctic fox, muskox, dall sheep, mountain goats, caribou, woodland bison, elk, moose, and mule deer. This is the perfect workshop for someone that wants to focus on capturing once in a lifetime wildlife images as well as aurora images—over some of the most majestic landscapes Canada has to offer.

fall colours in tombstone.jpg

2019 Tombstone Mountains Photo Workshop

Dates: August 25, 2019 to September 1, 2019

Availability: 1 spot left

Jules Renard once wrote, “On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.”

Thats exactly how I feel about Tombstone Territorial Park and many of the remote areas we will stop at, and photograph.

The beauty that exists in some of the Yukon's back country areas are some that I would compare to any other location on the planet for the landscape photographer of any level.

Join me in teh back country of Yukon as we photograph by land and by helicopter

If you didn't see what you were looking for, or the trip you were interested in was sold out, please contact me. Maybe we can add a workshop here or there, or I can squeeze you into a sold out workshop. Please contact me by clicking here.