Photography Workshops

Would you like to join some epic photo adventures with my friends and I around the globe? Together we will get to shoot some of the most sought after wildlife and coolest locations on earth.

Wildlife Workshops

Together we can see some large and small exotic creatures during your workshops with me.

Whales, African wildlife, grizzly, polar and black bears, shorebirds, plus birds of prey. They are all wildlife-watching favourites of many that travel with me.

The world holds so many wonderful areas for wildlife photography, and at different times of year I take groups out in Canada and around the world to capture images of these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

Landscape and Culture Workshops

Together we can travel from the beautiful shores of Newfoundland where the icebergs flow past the lighthouses and rocky shorelines, to the arctic circle where the skies dance with aurora at night, or down to the Antarctic where the penguins walk freely.

From the old growth rain forests and pristine beauty of the Pacific Northwest to the remoteness and culture of Mongolia, and everywhere in between; I have been leading groups of photographers on many a bucket list landscape trip here in Canada and around the world. 

Highlighted 2018 Photo Workshops With Spaces Still Available

Iceberg Alley

Newfoundland, Canada

2018 Viking Trail and Iceberg Alley

Dates: June 5 to June 12, 2018

Availability: Only 1 spot remains

Do icebergs captivate you? Imagine an up close and personal viewing of some of the largest tabular and cathedral icebergs at the entrance to the world famous iceberg alley.

This is the perfect trip for the photographer that loves photographing by the ocean in and around old abandoned fishing villages, icebergs, lighthouses, with a backdrop of stunning golden hour... and we can't forget the Humpback whales that are migrating north as the icebergs go south.

Nomadic Cultures


2018 Mongolia Workshop

Dates: July 1, 2018 to July 14, 2018

Availability: Only 1 spot remains

Together we will travel through Mongolia to see first-hand the thousand year old art of eagle falconry on horseback, witness the Naadam Festival, which has origins back to the 17th century, and then travel north to see reindeer herders that only exist in remote pockets of the world and most people only ever read about in magazines or history books. 

I will be leading this workshop for Muench Workshops. If you click on the "See Details Here" button you will be redirected to the workshop page on the Muench website for all the details. 

Antarctic Expedition


2018 Antarctic Expedition

Dates: December 2–13, 2018

Availability: the ship is 60% sold out

Join us on one of the best ships that ply the Antarctic waters, the 88-passenger ice-strengthened Ushuaia. We've assembled an amazing team of pro photographers, expedition leaders and naturalists to provide photography instruction, information, and guidance throughout the expedition. 

I will be leading this workshop for Muench Workshops. If you click on the "See Details Here" button you will be redirected to the workshop page on the Muench website for all the details. 

Book your space on these 2019 Photo Workshops that were just announced


Yukon Adventure

Dawson City and Whitehorse

2019 Yukon Adventure

Dates: January 27 to February 4, 2019

Availability: Just announced

Calling all photographers who have always wanted to photograph the northern lights! The Yukon is one of the best locations in the world to capture the Aurora.  It is here you will close your eyes and breathe in crisp Yukon air, smell spruce sap and the earthy scent of tundra, and listen for the excited howls of husky sled dogs. But the real magic happens when you open your eyes and drink in Yukon landscapes under dancing aurora borealis.

I will be leading this workshop for Muench Workshops. If you click on the "Learn More" button you will be redirected to the workshop page on the Muench website for all the details. 

bald ealge on the fraser river 2.jpg

Birds Galore Workshop

British Columbia

2019 British Columbia "Birds Galore" 

Dates: January 6, 2019 to January 11, 2019

Availability: Only 2 spots remain

This photo workshop is centered on the largest bald eagle migration in North America. Between 2000 to 5000 bald eagles find their way to this area beginning in late October to feed on the spawning salmon. They then stay in the area until later in the winter months to have their young before returning to their summer area in Northern BC and the Yukon.

But there are other bird species we will see as well... owls, song birds, geese and ducks

cape anguille 2 web.jpg

Icebergs & Lighthouses


2019 Newfoundland Photo Workshop

Dates: June 15 to June 23, 2019

Availability: Only 2 spots remain

 Join me on the east coast of Canada as we track down icebergs on their journey south, migratory whales that are on their journey north, and timeless lighthouses throughout the pristine landscapes along the northern coastline of Newfoundland.

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