Booking Procedures

Once you are ready to book we will put you in touch with the appropriate person to book you on your trip.

This team will also be my liaison while we are on the trip together. They are there to help us make sure all the logistics are taken care of, and our time together runs smoothly.

Travelers Notes

Insurance - we strongly suggest that all travelers purchase travel insurance when attending any workshops or tours. There are many options available and you should consult a travel agent when you are booking your flights. On some of my trips you will require evacuation insurance because of the remoteness of the locations. My agent or myself will discuss this with you on the appropriate trip and direct you to companies that offer such insurance.

Flight Delays and Cancellations - Due to unforeseen circumstances that sometimes arise, please be aware that you will not reimbursed for extra nights incurred for delays beyond my control, or the company i am working for. Delays such as, but not limited to, Mother Nature, Airline delays, Ground Transportation issues that occur before a workshop begins or ends.

Vaccinations - I strongly urge all travelers to check with your local doctor prior to departing for a foreign land. Different countries require different vaccinations and it is your responsibility to ensure you are protected.

Changes in Itinerary - My partners and I reserve the right to make changes to itinerary, accommodation and transportation types for any trip that i am running. If changes are made you will be informed with as much advance notice as We can give you,.

Planning Your Trip To Canada

While you are planning your trip to Canada, you might want to visit this page to help you plan a successful trip. CLICK HERE

Refund Policy

Deposits - There is a required deposit for any of my photo workshops and tours that are created by the tour companies that hire us. The deposits required for every trip that is on my site is dictated by the company that has hired me to guide them. These deposits are paid to the appropriate office staff at those tour companies who will manage your booking process for you.

Deposits are usually non-refundable unless your spot is sold after you cancel, or if we ever have to cancel the workshop or tour. Please ask the appropriate tour company on their specific policies.

The balance of all moneys to be paid for each photo tour is due 90 to 120 days prior to travel. Please see the details of each workshop or tour. All balances are paid to the company that has hired me.

Trip Cancellation - All of the photo tours are planned months or years in advance. In doing this, they are securing hotels and other various logistical support in advance of your photo tour with us. In almost all cases your deposits are non-refundable, and in some cases partially refundable. Therefore if you sign up for a photo tour or workshop, and have to cancel for some reason, I will put you in touch with the appropriate tour company that hired me to discuss their policies.

It is best to discuss the refund policy and what travelers insurance directly with the company that has hired me.

Please contact us if you have any questions.