Here are just a few things people are saying about Me and My Workshops. 

"The only way to describe this workshop is “EPIC”. The memories will last a lifetime."

I have been on many Muench Workshops, this was the best! Both Andy and Kevin kept on raising the bar each day. I saw, photographed, and experienced Mongolia in the way that I always dreamed. Living as locals do, sleeping in a Ger tent, eating local food and interacting with the local people was amazing. The logistics and planning were amazing. How can you describe sitting in a Ger tent with camel herders and dining and conversing with them? 

The only way to describe this workshop is “EPIC”. The memories will last a lifetime.

— Larry B., Iceland '15, Italy '16, Slovenia '16, Yukon '16, Palouse '17, Mongolia and Gobi '17

"Kevin goes out of his way to make sure that the entire group is happy"

I took my very first photographic tour with Kevin in June 2017 to Newfoundland.  I was nervous at first not knowing what to expect, but that quickly disappeared within a day.  Kevin goes out of his way to make sure that the entire group is happy.  He is in constant contact with his local connections to make sure that we will not miss any great locations or shots.  He takes the time to get to know what your photo bucket list items are and does his best to make it happen.  I ended up some fabulous photos and new friends. I had so much fun on this trip that I signed up for two more tours with him in 2018 and 2019.  I highly recommend joining him on a tour.

-Barb M, - Newfoundland 2017 and Tanzania 2018

"He knows where to take us to get the most from the location."

"I have travelled twice with Kevin now and have another trip lined up for next year.  Kevin's depth of knowledge about the locations he travels to and his professional approach means that whatever the weather delivers, he knows where to take us to get the most from the location and ensure that everyone on the trip comes away with shots they are happy with.  On top of that I consider Kevin to be a friend, and what is better than travelling to amazing locations with friends?"

-Clare T, - Yukon 2016 and Newfoundland 2017

"There's no way to really repay you for what you taught us."

"I'm hoping to meet again. I owe you a breakfast! There's no way to really repay you for what you taught us. If I thanked you a million times, it still wouldn't cut it. The best I can do is pass along that knowledge to my photographer friends who will be extremely jealous after I show them the pictures! It wasn't just about the pictures and you made us all feel like we were your friend. It was pretty special.

-Nick D, - Grizzly Bears 2017

"The most fun i have ever had"

"This was probably the most fun I have ever had on a workshop and one of the most productive in terms of photography. Thank you all so much for being a part of this wonderful adventure. And thank you Kevin. You are definitely my favorite cat herder!

-Barbara B, - Newfoundland 2017

“A Big Thank You.”

Big THANK YOU to Kevin Pepper, for all his guidance, planning, driving us all over, digging me out of a snow bank and for everything else he managed to do while we were in his care in the Yukon! No one knows the Yukon and where best to go for great photography than Kevin.

— Chris G, - Yukon 2017

“Best Trip Ever!”

Kevin, this was the best trip ever, I had a blast!!! You are awesome at your job!!!! Wish I had your job. Seriously Kevin, the trip last month was more than I could have wished for. You were so accommodating with the itinerary all based on weather! Saw tons of wildlife and had a amazing time with all of you! New friends and a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much!

— Anita K, - Yukon 2017

“New Friendships Created.”

We registered without knowing anything about Kevin, but the trip sounded so wonderful. Now we are glad we did. Lots of shooting time, some good quality one on one editing time and new friendships created.

—Allison B, - Yukon 2016

"I am ready for my next trip"

I have now enjoyed 2 tours with Kevin and Len Sylvester respectively and can attest both to their photographic skills and just being good guys. I particularly relished the post field time they dedicated to boosting my editing skills in the various software that is available to us. I went home from the tours with a better appreciation of image taking and image editing. I am ready for my next tour.”

— Marty P. - Yukon 2015 and 2017

“Thank You so much for all you do!”

Lots of great memories of a beautiful place, wonderful new friends made, and cards full of images. Plenty of variety: grand landscapes, auroras, and of course the dogs and horses and wildlife! Shooting the pro mushers with their teams was one of the coolest things I’ve ever shot :). Once again, Marc & Andy & Kevin went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a great experience. You guys have hearts of gold. Thank you so much for all you do.

— Chellie H - Yukon 2016


What an unforgettable trip. I learned so much and saw some great locations I didn't even knew existed. 

— Mike B - Newfoundland 2016

"This is an easy recommendation to make"

“This is an easy recommendation to provide. I have attended a number of photography based learning seminars and workshops host by Kevin and the Lounge. I was pleased with the results and appreciated the organization of all of the events. Kevin knows photography. He is very personable, easy to communicate with and always ready to share his knowledge and skill.” ”

— Roy R. - Ontario 2015

"I came home with images i was proud of"

“Kevin (K2) promised me an awesome trip up to Canada’s north... but i had no idea i would be that amazed by the beauty of the landscapes and northern lights. Thanks to Kevin and his teaching, i came home with images i was proud of.”

— David L. - British Columbia 2015

“Great Experience!”

On these trips I’ve been too hot, too cold, wet, muddy, dusty... but I’ve always been well taken care of, and got the photos I wanted. Great experiences all around!                      

—Gary S - Tanzania 2014

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