Private Tours and Workshops for Small Groups and Individuals

Private Photo Tours are a unique way to experience the diversity and beauty of Canada with an experienced photographer and guide that has extensive knowledge of the locations and photography style you want to experience. 

Whether you have a few days or a few weeks, we can help you explore and experience this beautiful country with an Expert Photography Instructor and guide to help you take amazing photographs, while we help you improve your skills.

As a team of professional photographers and experienced photo tour guide, we offer you an opportunity to explore Canada from a unique perspective that is designed with photography in mind.

We provide inside tips on hidden locations and the best vantage points for getting creative and professional looking images for your portfolio. We also know the history of the locations you want to visit. So, not only will you get amazing photos, you will also learn about the culture and the subject matter you are photographing.

Who should come on a private photography tour?

Whatever your camera style and skill level – from the person that just bought a camera to the experienced enthusiast, or professional that just wants to be at the right spot at the right time  – your tour is customized to your interests and skill level.

Private tours are ideal for individuals and small groups to a maximum of 4 people. A lot of our private tours are created for families, or groups of friends that want a custom tour, enjoy each others company and have someone take care of all the logistics.

When do the tours run?

Private photography tours are based on our availability, but can often be created at any location we offer, at any time of year.

Book your tour in advance to guarantee availability for your preferred departure date and time.

How much does a tour cost?

Private Photo tours are priced based on your needs. These are not cookie cutter trips that we pull off the shelf. We customize accommodation requests, food plans, transportation styles and length of trip based on our experience and your available time.

The process is a discussion on timing, desired photographs you want to take, locations and your budget. We then create an itinerary and send you all the information back to you that will satisfy, and exceed your needs and expectations.

Once you are ready to book, we start the planning process and register you for your trip.

Before your vacation runs we will stay in touch with you to make sure you are prepared with the right photography gear, clothing and information on the areas we will be visiting.

A detailed itinerary is then sent to you and our travel partners, Merit Travel, can help you with your flights, travelers insurance and other needs so all you have to worry about is showing up and enjoying your Canadian experience.

Some examples of the destinations and subject matter that we can create for you are listed below:

Photo Gallery of the Canadian Destinations I have the Most Experience Leading Groups

Canadian Destinations and Species

If wildlife is your objective, Canada has some of the largest colonies of Puffins and Gannets you will find anywhere. We also have some of the largest animal migrations that rival any migration anywhere. Whether its Caribou, Musk Oxen, narwhal, Orca whales, humpback whales, bald eagles or song birds, our migrations are world class. If you want to be taken to see these migrations, I can lead you to some of the most remote parts of Canada to experience these amazing migrations through your lens.

If Grizzly bear or Polar Bear are more your thing, I can help you there as well. I have long lasting, excellent relations with many lodges across the west coast and the arctic that will get you up close and personal to photograph these amazing creatures.

I have spent years developing relationships with experiences local trackers that will get you photographing these bears from the ground, in their natural environment, at economical pricing.

If its landscapes, or seascapes, I can also work with you to visit some of the most photogenic locations in Canada. From Canada's version of Patagonia in the Yukon, to the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, and the eastern shores of the beautiful Newfoundland, I can take you to see some of the most photogenic locations you will ever see.

I can create tours and workshops designed around such bucket list scenes such as cathedral icebergs in iceberg alley, to the best locations in the planet to photograph northern lights... I can make sure you are at the right place, at the right time, thereby eliminating guess work and ensuring you take home images and video you will consider some of the best you have ever taken.

Photo Gallery of My Favorite International Destinations

International Destinations - I have extensive experience in France and Mongolia.

I have intimate knowledge of Mongolia having traveled there at least once a year since 2012. I can create a custom trip for you that will take you to some of the most remote and untouched locations you will find anywhere in the world. From an urban trip in the capital, to trips to visit the Kazakh Eagle Hunters, the Gobi Desert or the Reindeer People in the northern part of the country, I can create a custom trip for you that you will never forget.

I have traveled to France ten times and know the city of Paris very well. I have also traveled in with groups in the South of France. Whether its Provence, the French Alps or the Camargue Horses, I can create a trip that will exceed your expectations of photographic opportunities and luxurious accommodations.

Want to see some more of my images from these locations, please click here to see photos from the locations that i have mentioned above. Or, visit my Workshop Page to see examples of the tours and workshops i am currently leading. These may give you some ideas. You can visit this page by clicking here.


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