I could not do what I do without the support of the companies below.

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Their workshops offer you an unparalleled level of personal attention by world-class instructors, all in a seamless experience that lets you focus on your camera. Muench meticulously researches every destination to ensure you get the best possible experience from the moment you arrive. Marc, Andy, and the team of instructors share decades of experience photographing landscapes and cities all over the world, and through the years have discovered the best times, vantage points, and hidden sites that only the most dedicated explorers ever see. We also collaborate with on-the-ground local guides who live and breathe these locations, arranging for exclusive access to areas normally off-limits to tourists.

To see all the workshops at Muench, please visit http://muenchworkshops.com/

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Jeff believes it is important to have fun while learning, serious fun, so be prepared to enjoy yourself when you are with Jeff and I. We all learn more when we are enjoying ourselves, and our goal is to help you learn as much as possible.  Together we teach in the traditional workshop mold. In other words, we are there to teach you and to make sure you have a great experience. Our job is to ensure participants get the attention they want, make some images they love, and leave knowing more than when they arrived. Not only that, we will all have big fun while achieving those goals.

To see Jeff's website, please visit https://www.jeffwendorff.com/photography-workshops/

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Panasonic Canada provides a broad line of electronics products and solutions to meet consumer and business needs.  When Canadians think of Panasonic, they often think of televisions or audio/video equipment; however, Panasonic is so much more than home entertainment.  A diverse range of Panasonic products are offered including an award winning line of digital still cameras carrying the LUMIX brand.  Since the Lumix brand was first introduced, Panasonic has engineered ground breaking technology such as the first Mirrorless camera in 2008. Today they continue to lead the market in 4K products and beyond. 

Panasonic is a sponsor of mine. Through this sponsorship I am equipped with Panasonic LUMIX gear and will be able to answer your questions about the LUMIX line up of products available on the market today.

To learn more about the Lumix brand of camera and lenses, please visit the following link. CLICK HERE