Global Photography Workshops with Kevin Pepper

Please have a look below. I have developed a comprehensive list of global photography workshops to satisfy all photographers styles and aptitudes.

Below you will find trips to Asia, Mongolia, Antarctica, Iceland, Africa and Europe.

Why You should travel with Kevin Pepper Photography

I have been running these photo workshops for many years. I know where we need to be, and at what time of day we need to be there to maximize the light and get you the shots that you expect from these locations.

I also will make sure you are prepared with the right equipment before you leave home. My pre workshop briefings will ensure that you have packed the right clothes, you've got the gear you need and you know where we are going to be photographing during each day of your photography vacation with me. 

All the logistics will be handled, all you have to do is show up, shoot and have fun on vacation. 

I hope you find your next photography vacation here.


Photos from the Global Destinations I lead workshops at

*Cormorant fisherman courtesy of ed Cooley

My Global Photography Workshops


2018 Winter Iceland Landscapes and Northern Lights

Dates: March 14, 2018 to March 24, 2018

Instructor: Kevin Pepper and Skarpi Práinsson

Join me in Iceland, with a small group of 11 guests, as we take you on the hunt for the perfect light and amazing landscapes at this most beautiful arctic paradise. Led by Kevin Pepper and Skarpi Práinsson, explore the surreal landscapes, seascapes, fjords, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, rivers, northern lights, and stars that are the beauty of Iceland. Over 9 days and 8 nights we’ll cover a tremendous amount of this country—expect to be amongst a group of like-minded photographers who will work hard to learn new techniques and get amazing imagery. You’ll be up early and up late, shooting sunrise, sunset, and northern lights. This workshop is all-inclusive and will feature plenty of instruction in the field and in the digital darkroom.

There are four spaces left now


2018 Tanzania Photo Safari for the Wildebeest Migration and their Predators

Dates: April 1, 2018 to April 12, 2018

Instructors: Kevin Pepper

Do you have a passion for wildlife and landscape photography? Would you like to visit a location that has the best of both?

Tanzania is that location. Lions, Leopards, Cheetah, Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe, Hippos, elephants, and an abundance of bird life... all serving as the species you will photograph amidst a backdrop of endless plains, rock out croppings and beautiful Acacia trees. 

I can personally attest that the animals, while compelling to photograph, are merely just a component to what is arguably one of the most photogenic locations I have ever visited in my guiding career. Nowhere on earth can you find all these apex predators that follow the worlds largest land migration. It has been happening before man has inhabited earth... the Wildebeest Migration.

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China Photo Workshop

Dates: May 17, 2018 to May 30, 2018

Instructors; Andy Williams and Kevin Pepper

Join Andy Williams and Kevin Pepper in China for amazing landscapes and cultural photography on this 14 day China photography workshop. We've crafted our itinerary to capture some of the very best of China, and made our group size small and manageable, only eight guests and two pros! From the big city to the small towns, from the Great Wall to the Yellow Mountains, we'll arrange for incredible photographic opportunities each and every day. Accommodations are in 4-star lodgings, and we will have our own private ground transportation while we're on the road. We'll cover a lot of ground over 14 days, from Beijing to Huangshan to Hangzhou to Xian to Guilin and finally ending in Shanghai. Included are four domestic flights to move us around this large country! Everything is all-inclusive—all lodging, meals, transportation, photographic guiding and instruction and our English-speaking tour guide.

Ready for an exclusive and amazing adventure in the Far East, with a very small group of photographers? Read on and then click the Sign Me Up button to join us!

This trip is sold out but you can contact me to go on my waiting list


Mongolia Photography Workshop to Capture Culture and History of this Ancient Land

Dates: July 1, 2018 to July 14, 2018

Instructors:  Kevin Pepper who will be leading his tenth trip to Mongolia

We have created a workshop that introduces you to ancient Mongolian cultures. Together we will travel through Mongolia to see first-hand the thousand year old art of eagle falconry on horseback, witness the Naadam Festival, which has origins back to the 17th century, and then travel north to see reindeer herders that only exist in remote pockets of the world and most people only ever read about in magazines or history books. 

Due to a cancellation this trip now has two spots left. Click on the button to learn more

eagle hunter holds his golden eagle above his head

2018 Eagle Hunters and Camel Herders

Dates: September 18 to October 2, 2018

Instructors: Kevin Pepper

Join me on an amazing journey back in time where few people visit. Together we will photograph and interact with eagle hunters that carry on a tradition that dates back over1000 years and travel to see some of the largest sand dunes in the world where camel herders live with their Bactrian Camels. 

4 spots left

mongolian musician with instrument

2018 Mongolia Golden Eagle Festival

Dates: October 2 to October 12, 2018

Instructors: Kevin Allen Pepper and Jeff Wendorff

Together we will witness some of the longest running traditions that date back over 1000 years... the ancient art of eagle falconry on horseback.

This is your chance to stay with an eagle family and bare witness in private photo shoots with our own eagle hunters.

Come join us in Outer Mongolia where few people ever travel...

This trip currently has 7 registrations and it is running. We are taking a maximum of 8. Click on the Learn More button below for details


2018 Paris Street Photography Workshop

Dates: November 11 to November 17, 2018

Instructors: Kevin Pepper and Jeff Wendorff

Imagine going to the Eiffel Tour or the Louvre without a bazillion tourists. Imagine going to Paris wandering the streets with your camera and an expert guide that knows where to be and when to get the best image. Imagine taking advantage of the golden light photographers love at 6am and not 10am on a regular tour! Now, wait for it; Imagine that you are in Paris having a blast and making some amazing photos too just steps away from iconic cafes, the smell of fresh baked bread and french coffee in the air!

One spot remains


2018 Antarctic Expedition

Dates: December 2–13, 2018

Tour Leaders: Andy WilliamsMarc Muench, David Rosenthal, Randy Hanna, Juan PonsSkarpi Thrainsson, Will Burrard-LucasKevin Pepper, Lisa LaPointe, James Robertson, Abigail Church, and our team of 5 Expedition Leaders & Naturalists

Join us on one of the best ships that ply the Antarctic waters, the 88-passenger ice-strengthened Ushuaia. We've assembled an amazing team of pro photographers, expedition leaders and naturalists to provide photography instruction, information, and guidance throughout the expedition. 

We own the boat, so this expedition will be set up to maximize photographic opportunities with as many shore landings as possible. 

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Camargue and Provence

Dates of the Tour: May 19, 2019 to May 24th, 2019

Tour Leader: Jeff Wendorff and Kevin Pepper

On this Photography Tour we are combining two of the most photogenic locations and subjects we could think of… Provence, arguably the most irresistible region in France, Provence ranges from the snow-capped mountains of the southern Alps to the delta plains of the Camargue, and boasts Europe’s greatest canyon, the Gorges du Verdon. Fortified towns guard its ancient borders; countless villages perch defensively on hilltops; and great cities like Arles, Aix and Avignon are full of cultural glories and Frances captivating white horses of Camargue. Combined it will be an experience you will never forget.

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2019 Reindeer Herders, Eagle Hunters and Naadam Festival

Workshop Dates: July 04-17, 2019

Workshop Leaders: Jeff Wendorff and Kevin Pepper

We have created a workshop that introduces you to ancient Mongolian cultures in very remote parts of a country that once ruled the majority of the civilized world. These nomadic culturest have been in existence for over 900 years and through years of travelling to Mongolia we have created this trip just for photographers to enjoy intimate photo opportunities. Together we will travel through Mongolia to see first-hand the thousand year old art of eagle falconry on horseback, witness the Naadam Festival, which has origins back to the 17th century, and then travel north to see reindeer herders that only exist in remote pockets of the world and most people only ever read about in magazines or history books. 


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