Fall Colours, waterfalls and so much more in Canada

The fall colours alone make a trip to Canada worthwhile, especially if you catch the spectacular colours from mid-September to early October. While its very hard to determine the exact peak of the Sugar Maple and Red Maple fall colour, it is typically the last two weeks of September or the first week of October that produce the best time of year to capture the fall foilage, wildlife as they prepare for the winter and best water-flow of the areas 50+ waterfalls

From living in this area our entire life and running workshops here for the last eight years, We have identified the best locations and time of day we need to be there to capture the best images for your personal portfolio.

But the fall colours, not only are a focus, they are also a great backdrop to many of the other things we will be photographing on this workshop... birds of prey, local area wildlife such as red fox and moose, covered bridge and local area Mennonites.

Dates of the Workshop: September 16, 2018 to September 22, 2018

Instructor: Kevin Pepper and David Topping if more than 4 are in attendance

Price of the Workshop: $4395CDN

Deposit Information: $750CDN and the balance due 100 days before the trip

Included: Transportation during the workshop via 6 or 8 seater vehicles, single accommodation in hotels or two bedroom cabins, welcome dinner, park entrance fees, bird of prey entrance fees, dinner on last day.

Not Included: Items of personal nature, travelers insurance, meals not included in the inclusions,

Weather - You should expect to have daily highs decreasing from 21°C to 16°C over the course of the month, exceeding 25°C or dropping below 12°C only one day in ten. Daily low temperatures range from 4°C to 8°C, falling below -0°C or exceeding 13°C only one day in ten.

Clothing - Best clothing to bring are base layers to retain body warmth and jeans or heavier cotton pants. For jackets, bring a lined coat for cooler nights and bring a rain jacket that will cut the wind keep dry if we are out when it rains. Bring a winter hat for pre dawn photo shoots and a thin layer of gloves to keep your hands warm. You should wear waterproof hiking boots as well as we will be doing some walking in and around waterfalls and in gorges.

Gear - Gear suggestions for lenses are as follows: wide angle lens that are in the range of 20mm and have an aperture of f2.8. medium telephoto lens of 70-200mm and a longer telephoto lens of 300mm or 400mm for birds of prey and wildlife encounters. A trurdy tripod, a wired shutter release cable, ND and polarizer filters (I am not a fan of variable ND filters that screw on the end of your lens)


Day One: You will be picked up at the airport or the lobby of the Sheridan Hotel at Terminal 3 at Pearson International Airport in Toronto at 2pm. From there we will drive to our hotel so you can drop off your suitcases before we head to Toronto to have dinner and have a night photography shoot along the shores of Lake Ontario of the Toronto Skyline. Expect to be out shooting tonight till 11pm so we can ensure we have dark skies all the lights on the CN tower and skyline are completely visible for the best night shoot we can have.

Day Two: Its an early departure out of the city so we miss rush hour traffic and can be at our first fall colour location before sunrise just north of Toronto. This morning we will be photographing the maple canopy and water features such as waterfalls and water fountains in local area parks that will be surrounded by fall colours.

After our morning photo shoot we will stop and grab breakfast and head further north to our destination. The balance of the day will consist of photographing in and around the Halliburton and Algonquin areas of Ontario at different waterfall and maple forests that will have turned a variety of colours sch as yellow, orange and reds.

Day three and Four - We will visit a number of areas in the Algonquin and Halliburton areas of Ontario. Expect our days to start before sunrise and go into the golden hour to capture teh best light possible at many of these waterfront, waterfall and covered forest canopy locations that we have identified. 

On the afternoon of day four we will once again head south to our next location and plan to arrive later in the day after our last sunset shoot over one of the many lakes in the area


Day Five - Today we start our day at a Raptor Conservancy to photograph a variety of birds of prey in flight. Today we will have four hours of non stop flights and perched bird photography.

Species list can include any of the following birds. A Harris’ Hawk, Red Tailed Hawk, Broad-winged hawk, Great Horned Owl, Barn Owl and Bald Eagle. Static birds could include an Eagle Owl, Swainson’s Hawk, Peregrine, Aplomado Falcon.

Our falconer is excellent with his birds and really understands the needs of wildlife photographers and natural looking images are what we always try to achieve.

In the afternoon we will then visit a junk yard. On our workshop we will give you access to the property of an active auto wrecker where you’ll have the opportunity to photograph an incredible variety of old cars, trucks, and buses spread out in rows across four large fields or nestled among several wooded areas and farmers fields. Composition will be the focus of this part of the workshop as we spend a few hours exploring the junkyard and photographing the weathered wrecks.

Day six - Its your day on the water... that being waterfalls, streams and lake Ontario. We start our day on the shores of Lake Ontario. The pre dawn photoshoot will give you the opportunity to photograph the weathered remains of an old pier against the background of Lake Ontario, both before and after the sun rises over the distant horizon. It’s a simple scene, but to create an impactful image, it demands attention to compositional details, which will be our focus for the morning. We’ll also talk about long exposures and the use of neutral density (ND) filters.

From there we will head to other waterfalls in the area that are nestled in and around different maple forests in the area. All together we plan to hit three or four waterfalls along the escarpment in order to give you numerous scenes in which to photograph throughout the day.

As the day winds down we will head down to Niagara Falls for our last dinner together. After dinner its the largest waterfall of them all, Niagara Falls... but tonight will be a special night of waterfall photography. The falls will be colored at night and you will have the opportunity at 10pm to photograph the falls and the Niagara Falls Skyline as they are illuminated by a fireworks display that occur on this night.

Day Seven - Its one last trek to a few other local areas to photograph the fall colors that we know. How about a covered bridge, the last remaining in Ontario and on a day when all the local area Mennonites are going to and from the farmers market. This morning we will visit Mennonite country and give you the opportunity to visit one of our largest farmers market in adorned in autumn colours and local area farmers and Mennonites.

After our photo shoot this morning we will grab some lunch at the market and take you back to the airport. Expect to be dropped off at Pearson Airport or your local area hotel at 3pm on the last day.

If you want to see fall colours, the waterfall capitol of the world, birds of prey in an intimate setting, and have the opportunity to photograph Mennonites, all you have to do is click on the red button below. :-)