Wildlife Photography Bootcamp

In February of 2019 I am inviting only four (4) people to join me on a bootcamp to refine your wildlife photography skills... 

The bootcamp is a seven day trip designed to help you refine your wildlife photography skills, using some of Canada's most sought after wildlife species as your subjects. 

A typical day at the Wildlife Boot Camp starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:30pm and it will be a combination of both classroom and field instruction.

In our classroom we will discuss the following... (1) Camera Setting used in wildlife, and why, (2) Point of view and why is that important, (3) Editing techniques and when to use which technique and (4) Printing mediums and techniques.

We will then be guided out into the Wildlife Preserve that has been closed off to the public. The wildlife preserve is a unique wildlife viewing property featuring 11 species of northern Canadian mammals in their natural environment. Encompassing over 700 acres with various natural habitats. The Wildlife Preserve offers unparalleled wildlife viewing and photo opportunities behind fence lines where we have been allowed to enter the animals habitat under guidance and supervision for safety to photograph them in a natural setting.

The diversity of natural habitats allows for the unique presentation of northern Canadian wildlife. The remarkably varied landscapes include low-lying flat lands, rolling hills, wetlands and steep rock cliffs. Visitors will experience a range of ecological features on a trip to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

Each day we will be photographing species such as Canada Lynx in typical northern forest environment, Mountain Goats up on cliffs and ridge lines, Thinhorn sheep walking in mountains and birch forests, Musk Oxen in open fields and boreal forest settings, Moose in frozen marshes, Mule Deer and Caribou, both in a forest setting.

You can expect classroom instruction from 9:00am till 10:00am. We will then be in the fields for two hours. A warm lunch will wait for us back in the classroom, where we will discuss the morning session, then we head back into the fields for three hours in the afternoon. 

When we finish each day at the preserve, we will head back to the hotel and grab our laptops to go through the images we took that day while we eat dinner. 

northern lights in the yukon.jpg

I will have been watching the aurora forecast and weather forecast each day.

At dinner each night we will have a conversation of the possibility of seeing the aurora that night.

If there is a chance to see the northern lights, we will head out to one of my hand picked locations to capture images of the aurora borealis. 

In addition to the Wildlife Bootcamp portion, one cannot travel all the way to the Yukon without seeing, and photographing the stunning landscapes and go dog sledding. 

I have also arranged for a day where you will have the opportunity to ride your own dog team into the mountains and forest setting.

Then, as a group we will head out on one of the frozen lakes surrounded by mountains. Here you will photograph a professional dog musher run their team in front of the mountain backdrops as in the photo below. 

This is the perfect trip for anyone that wants to learn more about wildlife photography, with the bonus of dog sledding and northern lights. 

dog sled team.jpg

If you would like to see all the details, please visit the workshop web page by clicking on teh button below.