The Expedition is over, but the memories will never disappear

WOW!!! Now that was a trip of a lifetime. I have travelled to a lot of places, photographed a LOT of cool things, but ANTARCTICA, it takes first place in my life.

Being the new instructor of the 10 Photo PROS and 5 Naturalists on the Antarctica boat this year, it was great to get allowed to get acclimated to the workshop because it was my first time, enjoy the outings, teach some photography along the way, and take in the whole Antarctica experience.

And I did!!! Like a kid in a candy store, I headed off our Expedition ship on every outing, not knowing what to expect, but excited to see what each landing would be.

gentoo penguin on iceberg.jpg

Not once was I even close to being disappointed with the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctica Continent. Every landing offered a myriad of photo opportunities. Icebergs, landscapes and wildlife are at every turn… but the best part… you are alone. Sure, I was with 75 other people from our Expedition ship… but not another soul in sight… just the awe-inspiring Antarctica continent and its residents.

Our Antarctica Expedition is more than just a photo workshop in one of the coolest places on the planet, its a journey to a continent that not many people in the history of humankind has ever accomplished. Its a trip that you will never forget, and one that you will cherish.

penguin in teh surf.jpg

You should come with us next year. With fresh memories of how I felt in December of 2018, I will be perfectly positioned to help you translate the awe inspiring scenes fresh in my mind into images that you will keep forever.

Our next Expedition is December of 2019. Its a longer trip than we have ever done in Antarctica, and I promise, it will be an adventure that you will be glad you did.

All the details of our 2019 Expedition is here, CLICK HERE.

I hope to see you in Antarctica!