2018 wildlife workshop in Newfoundland

In 2018 I am returning to Newfoundland for two weeks again. This is my week dedicated solely to the Wildlife on the east coast of Newfoundland. I will take you to the most accessible Puffin colony by land in North America and take you to the seabird colony in Cape St. Mary's with over 250,000 seabirds, many of which are Northern Gannets. You will also see humpback whales, fin whales and possibly moose, and caribou.

Dates of Workshop:

Dates: July 1 to July 7, 2018

Please schedule your arrivals so you can be picked up before noon on day one of the workshops. Plan your departure on the last on any flight departing after 4pm on the last day.

Flights should be scheduled into St. John's International Airport


Kevin Allen Pepper

Payment Information

Price for the workshop: $4495USD for a maximum of 6 people

Deposit: $1000 with the balance of $3495USD due on April 2, 2018

What’s Included

Unlimited mileage vehicle, 6 nights accommodations, all boat tours, all entrance fees, all breakfasts and dinners

What’s Not Included?

Items of personal nature, alcohol, international flights, visa to enter Canada (if required), anything not listed as included.

Photos from Locations

Itinerary of the Workshop

Day 1 -   You arrive in St. Johns, Newfoundland and meet everyone at the hotel in St. Johns. Your arrival should be before Dinner. We will meet for a group dinner and discuss the itinerary for the week.

Dinner Included - Stay in St. Johns

Day 2 - Today we will head to the largest colony of Puffins in North America. The reserve we will be visiting by boat contains North America's largest Atlantic puffin colony. More than 260,000 pairs of the province's official bird nest here during the late spring and summer.

Notably, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve also hosts the second-largest Leach's storm-petrel colony in the world-more than 620,000 pairs come here to nest.

In addition, black-legged kittiwakes and common murres appear in the thousands.

The islands lie just a few kilometres off the east coast of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula, between the communities of Bay Bulls and Bauline East, half an hour south of St. John's.

Today You will have six hours to photograph over 200,000 mating pairs of Puffins on one island. This will entail three two hour boat tours to the island where the Puffin colony is.

Breakfast and Dinner Included - Stay in St. Johns

Day 3 - Today we depart for Elliston in the morning and check into our hotel. In the afternoon you will have your first three boat tour to follow the migratory whales as they feed on Capelin and play in their pods off the coast.

Whale watching is one of the most exciting activities you may ever experience but beware – you may get ‘hooked’ for life! You will be amazed by these “gentle giants” as we watch them feed, play and migrate through our study area around the Bonavista peninsula (the historical Heritage sites of Trinity and Bonavista are in the area).  Our staff is dedicated to showing you the best whales that our area has to offer including fin, humpback, sperm, minke, and pilot whales and, although rare, orcas too.

You may expect to see various species of dolphins and porpoises, eagles and offshore sea birds including puffins and northern gannets.  It is our hope that you will walk off the boat feeling educated and enlightened by the experience with memory cards full.

Breakfast and Dinner Included - Stay in Elliston
Day 4 - In the morning we will head on out another boat tour to photograph whales in the same locations. From there we will head to another Puffin Colony in Elliston. Here you will sit on the edge of cliffs and photograph over 1200 mating pairs of puffins.

Elliston is home to the Atlanic Puffin and has one of the closest land views of puffins in North America. The Atlantic Puffin Fratercula arctica is one of four species of puffins and is the only one that lives on the North Atlantic Ocean. Elliston has approximately 300 nesting pairs at Elliston Point and approximately 1000 pairs on Bird Island.

Breakfast and Dinner Included - Stay in Elliston

Day 5 - This morning we will head south to Cape St. Marys towards Canada's largest colony of Northern Gannets. Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve is a wonderland for birdwatchers and explorers alike. Thousands of gulls, razorbills, common murres, black-legged kittiwakes, northern gannets, and double-crested and great cormorants nest here. Where 20,000 scoters, oldsquaw, harlequin, dovekies, thick-billed murres, and kittiwakes winter. This captivating area is one of seven seabird ecological reserves protected by provincial legislation. Its natural beauty makes it perfect for nature walks and family adventures.

Cape St. Mary's is the most accessible seabird rookery in North America. Bird Rock is the third largest nesting site and southernmost colony of northern gannets in North America. Cape St. Mary's is also the southernmost breeding area for thick-billed murres in the world and the southernmost major breeding site for common murres in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. This site is overflowing with perching, diving, and scrambling birds from edge to edge – melding together into an awesome moving, breathing spectacle of colour and sound

Breakfast and Dinner Included - Stay in Cape St. Marys

Day 6 - Today is reserved for two Northern Gannet photography sessions at Cape St. Marys. We will photograph them in the morning light and return again for a photography session as the evening light descends on the area.

Dinner and Breakfast Included - Stay in Cape St. Marys

Day 7 - After a hearty breakfast and an early departure we will stop half way for one final two hour photo session by boat to photograph the largest Puffin colony in North America.

From there we are headed north to St. Johns to have you at the airport in St. Johns by 3pm.

Breakfast Included

Ready to hear the whales echo off the icebergs and see some of the largest birding colonies in the world? Click on the button below to contact us and we will see you in Newfoundland.


If you want to join us on the Newfoundland landscape workshop the week before, please ask us about our multi week discount.